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Cultivating Respect and Cooperation in the Classroom and at Home, 3rd – 12th Grade
by Laurie Hunter


This book contains a 21-step program for parents, teachers, tutors, coaches, counselors, mentors, and school administrators who want to improve their child or students’ behaviors in the classroom, at home, or other learning environments. Each step contains an objective, compelling logic, a lesson the reader can complete with a child at home or with a classroom of students. Each lesson is followed by an opportunity to journal. Any parent whose child struggles with any aspect of school would benefit from reading this manual. It provides tips, activities, and actual wording parents and teachers can use to motivate and inspire their children.

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Teach Your Child to Read: A Step-by-Step Guide for Teachers, Tutors, and Parents, 1st Grade – 3rd Grade
by Laurie Hunter
Instruction Manual + 3-D Multisensory Treasure Items + 4 Phonics Story Books


This instruction manual is a reading intervention that combines phonics with phonological awareness, spelling, and handwriting. It can also be used with any student who is reading below grade level or struggling with decoding and fluency. It is appropriate for teachers and parents of beginning readers and students who have dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, orthographic processing weaknesses, autism, and English language learners.

Teachers, tutors, and parents can use this instruction manual to systematically introduce orthographic spelling patterns with “Listen for the Sounds” activities. This package comes with 3-D Multisensory Treasure items. Each 3-D Multisensory Treasure Item represents an orthographic spelling pattern that students can touch and feel. For example, one of the 3-D Multisensory Treasures is a chicken, which represents ch, the first sound in chicken. Students use these items to draw flash cards. Students create their own deck of 3-D Flash Cards, which help students (and instructors) learn and anchor each phonic spelling pattern with its corresponding sound.

This reading program helps strengthen the students’ relationships with letters, letter groups, and their sounds. Students link each letter/letter group and sound to a keyword and a visual. Students (and instructors) will be able to distinguish different and similar sounds and letters.

Next, students search for orthographic patterns and highlight phonic patterns within words of each story they are about to read. This activity conditions students to really “read inside of words.” With practice, this will improve the students’ accuracy rates when decoding. After students read stories with the specific orthographic spelling patterns, then they practice spelling words from the stories using a phonic mapping technique described in the instruction manual.

Instructors can customize the pace of instruction. For instance, you can move rapidly when students demonstrate competency. When students lack phonic knowledge, you can make activities more fun with reinforcements to increase their motivation and memory.

The instruction manual, 4 phonics books, and the 3-D Multisensory Treasure items provide motivational incentives to improve your children’s skills, self-esteem, confidence, and interest in reading, spelling, and writing.