How Can We Get through Our Pain?
By Laurie Hunter

Friday, November 11, 2016

When we miss a loved one, have health issues, struggle with the holidays, lose our faith, deal with injustice, or experience tragedy, how do we get through it?

Why We Experience Pain

During the most difficult times of our lives, we ask, “Why me? Why is this happening to me?” The sooner we stop asking, “Why?” the sooner we’ll ask better questions, the kind that will shed light on a vision that is beyond our current situation. Pain is about learning and growing. Pain is also about coming closer to a family member, a friend, ourselves, or maybe God. Everyone has someone who can help them through. Everyone. We have to push through the pain and get to the other side of suffering. We must reach out to others to help us push through it.

Ask Questions and Find Strength

If you’re feeling anguish, you are not alone. Hang in there. Ask yourself questions and answer honestly. Ask family, friends, God, and ourselves to advance to the other side of our pain. Because when we do, we’ll be stronger. We will learn things we did not know before, and we’ll grow and become smarter. We’ll reach out, accept help, and develop our relationships within family, friends, God, and even strengthen our relationship with ourselves.

Dispel the Cloudy, Visionless Place of Pain

Grieving and receiving hugs and sympathy from others is an essential part of healing. However, reading, journaling, learning, and holding on to our vision can give us comfort and healing that will nudge us through. When we’re hurting, it may seem impossible to push through the cloudy, visionless place of pain. Journaling can help us dispose of the darkness in our heads and put it on to paper. It can help us understand,  develop patience, and mend. Most importantly, it can help us develop a more positive vision. Can you see it already? We must keep developing our positive vision and focus on it because it will guide us as we bear through the pain.

Positively and Healthily Advance through Agony

When our anguish lessens, our work is not over either. We have to make decisions as to how we will proceed. Will we choose to be wounded and egocentric? Or will we be more introspective, empathic, and empowered?

Aren’t we more likely to become introspective, empathetic, and empowered if we had asked those questions, answered them honestly, and learned what we did not know before, so we could grow?

And, aren’t we less likely to remain wounded and egocentrically focused on our feelings if we choose to work on growing and developing our relationships with family, friends, God, and ourselves? And if we focus on a vision, aren’t we more likely to positively and healthily advance through our agony?

Sometimes it may seem like some people have everything going for them. No one is immune from suffering. No one. We are all at different points in our lives, experiencing highs and lows. We may be suffering from different sources of pain at different times in our lives. But, we are all in this together. And, together, we can keep pushing each other through.